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Magic Harvey’s smile

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See, that’s funny because…

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Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities by Mindy Kaling →


1. I can borrow all your clothes.

Anything in your closet, no matter how fancy is co-owned by me, your best friend. I can borrow it for as long as I want. One stipulation to my borrowing your clothes is that you have to have worn the item at least once before I borrow…

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If you google “Lady Gaga with fans” you’ll find this:


If you google “Katy Perry with fans” you’ll find this:


If you google “Britney Spears with fans” you’ll find this:


and if you google “Beyonce with fans” You come across this:


But if you google “Christina Aguilera with fans” you find this;


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make me choose
pistachiachinensis asked: bellatrix lestrange or dolores umbridge

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"I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is right now."

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if i was famous id probably just ask my fans to buy me food when im hungry 

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